Collection: Retail - European Boiled Wool

PhDetour European Boiled Wool is used primarily for outerwear. It is made from 100% New Wool, meaning it has not been used before (i.e., not recycled from other fabrics). Boiled wool is a popular fabric for stylish, timeless outerwear because it is warm, durable, and naturally resistant to water and wind. As part of processing, raw wool fibers are placed in boiling water to shrink and constrict the fibers, which results in a dense, felted fabric. Due to its rougher texture, it is not recommended that this fabric be worn against the skin. 55” wide.

-390 gsm
-100% New Wool
-Manufactured in Europe
-OEKO-TEX certified

PhDetour European Boiled Wool meets CPSC Safety Requirements and is exempt from testing under 16 CFR Part 1610.1(d)(2).