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Milk and Cookies Red Solid Coordinate - Cotton Interlock Ribbing

Milk and Cookies Red Solid Coordinate - Cotton Interlock Ribbing


This listing is for 1 yard of Cotton Interlock Ribbing. It is made from 95% cotton and 5% spandex. It is custom printed. Due to the ribbed nature of the knit, you can see a bit of the white background when stretched horizontally. The background cannot be seen when not stretched. Please be aware that because this is a custom printed solid, small printing inconsistencies may occur on this fabric. This fabric would be great for adult tops and children's clothing. 60" wide.
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  • Turn-Around-Time

    Preorders are submitted once per month, on the 1st of every month. The cutoff for preorders is 11:59pm CST on the last day of the month. The turnaround time (TAT) for preorders is 4-6 weeks from the day the order is submitted to our printing partner (not from the day you place your order).

    Given that we are living in unprecedented times, please be aware that there may be delays related to the COVID-19 pandemic that are out of my control. If these delays should occur, customers will be notified and kept up to date on the status of the shipment.

  • Why The Long Wait?

    The answer is reactive dyes. The use of reactive dyes for custom printed fabric (along with the necessary preprinting and postprinting treatments) arguably results in a higher quality end product than fabric printed with pigment dyes. Reactive ink bonds with the fibers via a chemical reaction, while pigment ink sits on top of the fibers. Reactive dyes are not used by US-based custom printers. Ever get "crunchy" cotton lycra? It was printed with pigment dyes (not to say all CL printed with pigment dyes will be crunchy, however). Fabric printed with reactive dyes will always be soft, resistant to fading, feature deep, vivid colors (true blacks and navys), and the inks/dyes will never bleed. The wait is the tradeoff for an arguably higher quality product.

  • Fabric Bases

    For a description of all the fabric bases, please read this blog post

  • Placing Orders

    • Orders that contain both preorder items and retail items will not ship until the preorder arrives. So if you do not want to wait for your retail, please place two separate orders.

    • If you place more than one preorder in the same preorder period and the orders are headed to the same address, they will be combined and shipping overages will be refunded at the time the combined order is shipped.

  • Wholesale Pricing

    If you are interested in ordering 10 or more yards OF THE SAME DESIGN on the SAME FABRIC BASE, your order is eligible for wholesale pricing. Wholesale pricing is $2.00 less per yard than list price. You will be refunded the difference after your order is submitted.

  • Important Notes About Printing

    • Please note, color and/or shade variations in your final printed product will vary slightly from what you see on your computer screen AND will vary across fabric bases. For example, due to differences in fiber contents, inks, and printing equipment, colors print more vividly on some fabrics (e.g., PUL) than they do on others (e.g., French Terry). This is true for all printers/manufacturers.

    • If you order a solid color, it will be digitally printed (as opposed to dyed). What does this mean? Digital printing flaws, such as uneven color saturation in spots, may be more apparent on digitally printed solids than they would be on digitally printed seamless designs, especially on natural fiber fabrics.

    Flaws (e.g., staining) along the selvage, or flaws the size of a quarter or smaller elsewhere on the fabric may occur from time to time and are considered to be a normal by-product of the digital printing process.

  • Reprints

    My manufacturer is quite reliable; however, every once in a while a shipping delay occurs or a mistake is made. If I find that there is an issue with your preorder, I will contact you immediately. The TAT on reprints is 4-6 weeks. PhDetour cannot be held responsible for delays caused by the need for a reprint. If you are preordering custom printed fabric as part of a pre-order for your own small business, please be aware of the (unlikely) possibility that this may occur.

  • Fabric Width / Contact

    Width of all fabric bases is approximately 59".
    Please email me at with any questions.