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Cloth Diaper Cover - Veronique Floral (Light) - SECONDS (read description)

Cloth Diaper Cover - Veronique Floral (Light) - SECONDS (read description)


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This listing is for one reusable cloth diaper cover in the VERONIQUE FLORAL (LIGHT) print. This diaper is listed as "SECONDS" quality. There is nothing wrong with the diaper cover; I just tried a new elastic installation method on this print that doesn't offer the aesthetic quality I strive to offer, which is why this item is discounted.

PhDetour Cloth Diaper Covers are designed to be worn over preflats and fitted diapers. They are wider than your typical diaper cover to ensure full coverage. Our diaper covers are made of two layers of thinner, stretchier PUL and feature two rows of snaps, including cross-over and hip snaps. The rise is adjusted with three rows of rise snaps. There is elastic around the legs, back, and belly to prevent leaks. The snaps are hidden, so the covers are truly, fully wipeable. CPSC compliant. 

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