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When I began the painstaking task of searching for a PUL manufacturer, I tested several different PUL samples, eliminating one after the other until I had whittled my options down to two. I couldn't decide myself, so I ordered more of each type and sent the samples out to a group of testers, asking them which sample I should stock in my shop. The results came in, and my testers were split down the middle. Half loved sample A and half loved sample B. Stuck in analysis paralysis, I took the easy way out and decided to stock both. I am proud to offer two very different PUL options that are both brilliant in their own way.

Our Classic PUL is everything you would expect in high quality PUL: soft, sturdy, and smooth. Our Classic PUL is perfect for diapers, pads, wet bags, bibs, smocks, liners, and rain jackets.

Our Luxe line takes PUL to new heights: soft and smooth, with just the right amount of stretch for form-fitting diapers that gently hug delicate skin. Our Luxe PUL is ideal for diapers, pads, and bibs, and anything else that requires a gentle touch.